Monotypes for Fitness Formula Clubs

The new co-ed spa area at Fitness Formula Club’s Flagship location – 1030 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL – will be the home for this series of monotypes, “Birds & Blooms.”

Thinking about a theme for a group of six original prints I decided to investigate native birds and flowers of the Chicago area. In doing a bit of research I encountered a wealth of possibilities. My selections were based on the potential for developing patterns from nature. Nature provides the ultimate colors and beautiful repeating patterns!

My sincere gratitude to FFC for the opportunity to produce these new prints and their continued support of my work.

Brewer’s Blackbird #2
Monotype 13″ x 13″
January 5, 2015


Red-Winged Blackbird
Monotype 13″ x 13″
January 7, 2015


Sassy Woodpecker
Monotype 13″ x 13″
January 8, 2015


Monotype 13″ x 13″
January 10, 2015


Blue Aster
Monotype 13″ x 13″
January 12, 2015

American Columbine
Monotype 13″ x 13″
January 14, 2015

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“Every Man,” Monotypes for FFC

Writing this first blog feels a little like sending a message in a bottle. There will be some gestation while awaiting a reply from a yet unknown recipient.

The images here were commissioned by and recently delivered to Fitness Formula Clubs Gold Coast at 1030 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL.  They were created for the men’s lounge at this flagship location, as part of a branding and remodeling project. The concept for the sequence evolved as I first thought of some of the basic elements related to personal fitness.  Also appealing as ideas developed was embracing the unique individuality of “Every Man”, all shapes and sizes and levels of fitness. With these things in mind the images took form.  They are all monotypes, 13″ X 13.75″.  It was my pleasure to work with this series of prints. They introduced themselves one by one as the work proceeded.  I’m pleased to introduce them here with a bit of information about each of them.

"Every Man," June 2011: He isn't an idealized figure. Yet, he has strength. He was the first to appear in the series of six prints.



"Balance," June 2011: There is stillness in balance. Both of these figures seem painterly and present.



"Endurance," June 2011: This image is more graphic. There is some humor along with the push to the top.



"Rest," June 2011: There is always the discovery of an image as it develops, the way the colors work together, the way the shapes sit next to each other. As I looked at this piece on completion I recognized a little unintentional Picasso influence in the mix.


"Stretch," June 2011: Really like the energy of this one! Here I recognized something of a Mattise in the mix! Such a sweet surprise!


"Reach For The Stars!," June 2011: This piece was first done in 1999. It had another title then and was part of a series of prints inspired by Peter Gabriel and the connection of hands. At the time I knew nothing of his fan based Moon Club. These red hands seemed to be related to the hands in "Stretch". It felt right to include the piece in this group.



This work was delivered to FFC, Chicago, IL just a few days ago.  It is shared here like a message in a bottle.  Again, it has been my pleasure!

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