“Raven’s Place”, Monotype for Sundance Cottage

Time flying by! The intent was to post every ten days! It is now two months later! Slow, slow, you all know. But also busy with lots of teaching during the summer, just now finding time again to direct attention here at last! So first want to thank the many who responded to “Everyman”. There were lots of emails and some blog posts too! Love the interaction!

The “Raven’s Place” prints were done for a small kitchen area in one of the Sundance cottages. The image was produced in two versions, each 9″x9″. Both impressions are shown here. “Raven’s Place”, #II, is a result of reworking the print plate after the first image was printed. Reworking the plate can often create more depth in the second piece. Both birds found homes, #I, here at Sundance, and #II, went to the client’s home in Illinois! You can compare the prints and detail shots to see the subtle variations.

One connotation of raven is continuance. There have been many ravens produced over the years. I appreciate the opportunity to have encountered this one.

The colors used and the size of the image were influenced by the kitchen space.

“Raven’s Place”, #I

The colors used and size of the image were influenced by the kitchen wall space.

Detail of  “Raven’s Place”, #1

“Raven’s Place” #II

Printed from reworked ghost print plate. The blue along the black of the bird was untouched from the first plate becoming more visible.

Detail of “Raven’s Place”, # II

There is more contrast between the eye and the body with this second impression.

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  • Lmzuba

    I love these Ravens. I particularly love the details around the eyes. I feel that their eyes are communicating with us. I also love the colors used. Linda Z.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Linda!