Autumn Reflections

When I first created this blog, my intent was to share new art, reflect or comment with regularity. I have been distracted. With a brisk chill in the air, the colors of autumn a feast for eyes and seemingly a bit more time, I am making a new start at pulling this together.

“these precious days” was inspired by an early morning hike with a friend and dogs the first of the week. “East Peak” a small, multiple drop monotype, using water-based inks was produced last night. The turning of the season touches place and process.

East Peak by Linda Taynahza

"East Peak", Sundance Utah


“these precious days”

air cool
and crisp
in morning

by afternoon
the gentle warmth
of the sun
feels ripe
with perfection

the amber colors
of autumn
have arrived
as earth shifts
and turns
once more
on its path
around the

sweet and savory
the moments
of this precious day

Linda Tay’nahza
Sundance, Utah
October 3, 2014

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