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A little one-room log cabin just a few feet off the Yampa River was home for a ski season forty years ago in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  There are memories of skiing the bumps and fresh powder of Mount Warner just about every day of the season.  It was the beginning of a “life in the mountains” lifestyle that has shaped the days since!

Some thirty years ago I discovered my love of printmaking, the monotype becoming my constant companion!

Steamboat Springs and printmaking collided about three years ago when a full color, full-page ad featuring the Yampa River and announcing Oehme Graphics printmaking studio in Steamboat caught my attention in a magazine.

Wow! Very cool! Hadn’t thought of revisiting Steamboat until then.

Followed news of Oehme Graphics online and noticed last fall a schedule for Sunday workshops being offered.  Once a month, a Sunday workshop offering a different printmaking technique!  I selected three processes I had long wanted to try, dry point in April, collograph in June and watercolor on polymer in July.

Sue Oehme is owner & director of Oehme Graphics and master printer extraordinaire!  With each workshop she shared her in depth knowledge of printmaking processes.  She also shares her enthusiasm for the tradition of printmaking and interesting stories of her personal history as a printmaker!

It was a pleasure and rare treat to work with her!  The studio is well organized, full of the activity of students and studio assistants!

Go to for more information!

Returning to Steamboat Springs was also lots of fun! “A River Runs Through It” and much activity centers along the Yampa!  The hot springs downtown are an invitation to relax.
Time spent in the Botanical Gardens was lovely!  Steamboat Springs is a bustling, friendly mountain community.  Now, I look forward to returning for another Sunday session at Oehme Graphics, get a hike into the falls and ski Mount Warner again!


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Upcoming Events

I’m so excited to announce the following:

Oehme Graphics
Steamboat Springs, CO

June 14, 2015 Working with Master Printer Sue Oehme in her collograpy workshop.
July 12, 2015 Returning to Oehme Graphics for summer landscape monotype workshop!

National Ability Center
Park City, UT

June 2015 Printmaking for Crusaders Camp

Kimball Art Center
Park City, UT

May, June, July 2015 Printmaking for children and teens

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